Kitchen furniture - High quality, style, luxury

Kitchen furniture made of MDF (Medium-density fiberboard).  Fiberboards are painted in the color, chosen from the NCS and RAL color palettes. The surface of the painted MDF can be polished (glossy) or matt, as well as, with the "liquid pearl" effect, depending on the preferred style.

 Kitchen furniture made of LMDP. Panels are produced at the factory, you just need to choose from the wide range of colors and structures. We offer a wide choice of LMDP manufacturers: Egger (Austria), Thermopal GmbH, Cleaf, Innovus, Kronospan, acrylic coated MDF Ecopal, Kronodesign, high gloss MDF Gizir, Pfleiderer.

 Kitchen furniture that is made of natural veneered MDF can be varnished,  stained. Natural veneered panels can be made of oak, birch, ash, or exotic woods. Panels can also be patinated (with the antique effect).

For the manufacture of kitchen furniture we suggest to choose tabletops made of high pressure laminate. It is possible to match the tabletops with the kitchen walls made of HPL (high pressure laminate), painted tempered glass, and photo wallpaper (instead of tiles).

Kitchen – is the true home centre; therefore, quality, balanced functionality and durability are of prime importance here. We produce nonstandard kitchen furniture, prepare design projects. Short terms. Unique combination of reasonable price and high quality.

Trust us your dreams and they will become a reality at your home.